Celebrating 3 years of Preservation Consulting

Ogee just turned 3! To celebrate, we're highlighting how we've grown from a tiny shop working on even tinier projects to a three-person team tackling multi-million dollar rehabs. It's been quite a ride!

Back in 2015, our first projects were in the small town of Elgin, Texas, just outside Austin. We've highlighted many of them before because they continue to perform as a catalyst for historic rehabilitation in the community. We're so proud to have taken part of Elgin's revival. Here's a before and after:

The first year took us all across Texas and into Oklahoma and Arkansas, working on a variety of projects, such as the rehabilitation of a historic high school, an old train depot in Tulsa, and a historic hardware store in Mt. Vernon. The hardware store, M.L. Edwards & Co., picked up an award from the Texas Downtown Association upon completion!

In our second year our projects got bigger....much bigger. Projects like the Moody Building, with its gorgeous architectural detailing, the Petroleum Building, with its cool Mid-Century vibe, and the Arlington Hotel, with its monumental size, added some major style and square footage to our portfolio!

Our third year was our biggest year yet, especially geographically. We took on projects in North Carolina, Florida, and Colorado. Our third year also saw the completion of our largest project so far. Garland Elementary School in Little Rock, AR was transformed from a dark, abandoned school to a beautiful, high-tech facility for an elementary charter school. We're so proud of the result:

We're excited for what our fourth year brings. We have a feeling it'll be the best one yet! We're proud to work on projects large and small, in Texas and beyond, and are thrilled to be able to do something that we care about on a daily basis. Here's to the future!

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